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B e l v o i r   P r e s s e s

Made from fresh juice and 100% natural ingredients with lightly sparkling Belvoir spring water for healthy and naturally delicious refreshing drinks.

ELDERFLOWER - Made 100% naturally from handpicked elderflowers grown on our plantations, whole fresh lemons and lightly carbonated Belvoir spring water. This gives it an exquisitely delicate scented taste. Serve chilled as a sophisticated and refreshing alternative to alcohol at any time or add white wine for aromatic spritzers or mix with gin or vodka for great cocktails. £1.50
GINGER & LIME - Based on a traditional Indian recipe for ginger beer discovered in Kerala in South-West India. We cook fresh ginger to extract the zest and then mix this with the zip and lightness of fresh lime juice making a lightly gingery and very refreshing drink. £1.50
APPLE & ELDERFLOWER - Made from 25% fresh single variety English apple juice, mixed with our delicate elderflower and gently carbonated Belvoir spring water for a scented, yet crisp and refreshing drink. The rich fruit taste of apple juice blends superbly with the elderflower to give a sophisticated taste like wine. £1.50
SUMMER BERRIES - Made from freshly pressed strawberries and raspberries mixed with a dash of cranberry juice to add a refreshing tang to it. Wonderfully rich and fruity, yet very refreshing and real because it contains no flavourings, just 12% juice. £1.50